Having the strength to be kind.

Over the past seven years we have received many beautiful ‘thank you’ notes or emails or reviews. I was thinking about this one today as it resonated when I was on the receiving end of serendipitous kindness. I’ll explain at the end but first for context….

The story of my Nan’s Ring:

Many years ago whilst holidaying on the Sunshine Coast I saw an advert in one of the local magazines for ‘To Have and To Hold’ Jeweller’s. I remember loving the piece that was in the ad so much that I searched them and followed them on Instagram. Over the years there was never a piece I didn’t love!

I inherited a ring from my Nan also many years ago, it has a lot of sentimental value but was quite old fashioned so it had just sat in my safe unworn for all these years. I saw a post on Instagram that ‘To Hold & To Have” we’re having a sale on loose gemstones and instantly I knew it was time to transform this special ring into something I could wear every day. For some reason from the moment I contacted the girls I just knew everything would work out. I would normally be anxious about sending the ring interstate to a shop that I had never even stepped foot inside, but it all just felt right from the word go.

With a few chats over Instagram and some beautiful pictures and choices I ended up with the most special ring that I will wear every day from here on in and pass down to my daughter who I hope will get to do the same!

I cannot recommend these lovely ladies highly enough. Such beautiful work and a pleasure to deal with! For those of you who are believers here is a little story that makes me think my Nan was a part of this journey too: My Nan’s biggest weakness in life was chocolate ginger (a bit random, I know) and when my ring arrived Jo had popped a little bag of chocolate ginger in as part of the package! There was absolutely no way they could’ve known this about my Nan. I’m not an overly spiritual person but this sure made me think otherwise!

Just a fabulous experience from start to finish I can’t thank the ladies enough! 💕”

This testimony from one of our lovely clients (and no sorry we don’t often pop in Chocolate ginger in your jewellery bags- sorry) came to mind when Vanessa (our lovely employee) did what Vanessa has come to do as a bit of a regular habit lately and that is bring in a treat for us on Friday’s. Shiree and I used to have the tradition of buying the staff lunch on Fridays and we would all sit around the table and eat together, chat and relax to celebrate a week spent together designing & creating jewellery and doing what we love. It’s a tradition we discussed doing right back in the beginning when it was just the two of us and we established as we grew with more staff. The tradition has been inspired from a childhood experience passed on from my parents workers. I had been blessed growing up on a strawberry farm in Palmwoods and my parents had a pair of workers for many, many many years. Actually I think from when I was about 3 to when I was 15 or 16, so most of my growing years. Not a Friday went by during those years when they did not have a lolly bag for each of my sisters and I or in the end just me when I was the only one left at home ( the youngest) to celebrate the end of the week. The world would have seemed to have missed a beat if for some reason I didn’t catch up and spend a few minutes with them at the end of the week and there hadn’t been a lolly or chocolate bag waiting somewhere on the farm with my name on it. They knew even after I’d kind of long grown out of it, it was our thing and our time together. It wasn’t about the lollies,or bag of chocolates it was about so much more.

Currently it works for our staff lunches together to happen mid-week as our team has grown and not everyone is available on Friday, so I’m not sure if Vanessa understood at all the extra blessing she brings when she walks in the door with a similar treat bag on a Friday’s pretty much exactly as they did so many years ago- I’m pretty sure she doesn’t. She pretty new to our team, she is just being kind and prompted by the same spirit and kindness to act from the heart when led to do so.

And I guess that’s what this blog is about… never hesitate or hold back from kindness or acts of kindness if you get a sense to do so. Simple, silly, out of the box, random, cliché, may be taken wrong, or others may be watching, or it costs – still it’s good.. We may never know if it impacts, or we may never know the depth or serendipitous of the moment, but still if you think it… my experience is that thought is a gift to you and most likely to someone else.

Today Vanessa was a blessing in my store that reminded me of so, so, so many blessings. J x

(Photo – vintage- taken by “Miss Nancy” one of the two gorgeous farm workers of my parents who cared for my sisters and I with our Friday treats. Image of a “smoko” morning tea break with them and my parents. I’m obviously shy from photos but have spectators pigtails that day. The stool in the back was mine made by my uncle (Jimmy),from a sugar cane bag for the seat. He died not long after this photo. I loved that stool forever! In between my Dad and “Miss Marj” (photographed with in foreground) was my teabag tree. I’d “rescue” everyone teabags from smoko and decorate the shrub with another teabag to create my tea tree. Growing up on a farm creatively- so with parents who allowed me to. Blessed!)

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