Today you made our day!

Just finishing my day -almost… arriving home via a trip to Bunnings for fittings to anchor the new metal rollers. It’s almost like buying a frame for the Mona Lisa- we love our new metal rollers and all the new jewellery about to “Roll” through it. Metal, (Gold, Silver etc) comes in “stockguage” bar lengths, that are cut to however many gram lengths we order of each colour and karat and these rollers are one of the major tools used to flatten or round, half round shape the metal. The new rollers are bigger than our previous ones, with more capability to do a larger range of tasks more efficiently – “happy sigh”.

A supply run to Bunnings before closing is a fun end to my work day.. We had so many gorgeous new and returning friends in today. We were like a bee hive all day, as the store was constantly full of sweet friends, exciting pre wedding and engagement moments, beautiful design collections, restoration marvels, several birthday shopping sprees in store today and just a day full of happiness and love.

We were particularly blessed though when one of you came in with a gorgeous bunch of stunning flowers in our purple Aubergine brand colour as a “Thank you”. This is never expected & not at all necessary but so very kind and you know how much we love flowers and adore incorporating them into our images. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is a blessing. A simple thank you to you doesn’t seem enough. But “thank you” for your beautiful “thank you”. It made our day and it’s still making our day. Jo 💓x

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