When Nature Inspires Us…

We are often asked what we draw upon for jewellery design & manufacturing inspiration? It can be a simple phrase from a conversation that inspires a flurry of designs on a page. Or architecture of a charming old city building from a past holiday may inspire classic, detailed or Art Deco inspiration. Textiles, people and their style, historical records of design, fonts, dreams, art, or shapes that keep catching our eye in every day life all may become elements of design, or inspiration, details in a piece, or the overall concept of a jewellery design.

Nature also often plays a major role directly or indirectly, especially being surrounded by so much of it right outside our front door at Wirreanda and close by.

This morning early I drove my daughter to where she works during the school holidays as a photographer and stopped in at the Ewan Maddock Dam for a quick wander along the walkway and enjoyed a time of inspiration. I photographed the shapes, light, textures and tones as they were resonating. Photographing and capturing your inspiration allows you to recollect them anytime to transpose them. It’s a practical tool to use as one of the quivers in the initial process of designing award winning and bespoke jewellery.

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