Pearls – The Ocean’s Hidden Gem

A wonderful, fun, inspiring lady just said something that made me smile and resonate agreement. “I’ve always worn pearls with jeans and diamonds whenever and wherever I want.” This amazing lady is herself a hidden gem and not one to hide her few special jewellery pieces in a draw. She lives her life to the full with her heart on her sleeve and her jewellery as statements of her personal motto “life is for living”.

We recently set diamonds into one of her gold bands so that when she waves at people she is able to enjoy seeing the stones sparkle. Did I mention she was very friendly and the type of person who would, no matter what, stop and say “Hello” if she passed you in the street or at the IGA. We don’t have favourite customers but she always makes us smile whenever she walks through our door and the occasional bottle of French Champagne she gives us to say “Thank You” – always goes down well.

While she was visiting with us on this occasion we discussed several things but in particular a special pearl purchase that she had made for her daughter, who wore it on her wedding day. This piece will one day be gifted to her Granddaughter. Our conversation continued about the current popularity of pearls, their traditional and modern styling and the fact that Australia produces some of the highest quality pearls in the world. It is currently pearl harvesting season in Australia which runs from May through to October.

As our only ‘living gem’ pearls which begin so humbly as an irritant in an oyster often end as objects of honour and feature in the highest quality jewellery. Dating back thousands of years from the Roman and Byzantine Empires pearls have been sought after, treasured and celebrated within fashion and as an icon of culture. No longer are small round white pearls the main focus in the pearl industry, today a variety of colour, size and shape exist and are desired. The Golden South Sea Pearls are considered to be the most rare and valuable however baroque pearls are enjoyed for their individual shape and unique beauty.

At “To Hold & To Have” we have a wide selection of pearl jewellery in store or we can source individual pearls for you to choose from and to feature in a special piece designed and commissioned to be hand -made to your desires. Our pearl merchant has years of experience having owned his own pearl farms and we have access to the highest quality of the most precious gifts produced by our oceans.

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