Checkerboard Faceted Gemstones

Traditional gemstone cuts like round brilliant, square princess or the recently popular cushion cut are all beautiful and they are here to stay but increasing in its presence and popularity is the not so traditional checkerboard  faceted.
Identified by the multitude of square facets cut into the top dome of the gemstone and reflecting the light and dark shades of the stone, the “checkerboard” cut creates a lot of life and colour from its host.

When the gemstone is angled with movement the facets seem to switch the gem’s colour on and off creating an eye catching effect similar to sunlight sparkles on water or Christmas lights on a tree. A modern technology reference to the checkerboard cut has also emerged with its likeness being compared to pixelated digital rendering.

Checkerboard cuts are traditionally found on semi-precious gemstones such as topaz, citrine, amethyst and quartz however recently those lines, but not facets, have been blurred as designers experiment with cutting the more precious stones with a variety of unconventional cuts including the checkerboard. This juxtaposition of expectation can create a powerful and beautiful statement that crosses boundaries and presents a gemstone in a new light- literally.

At To Hold & To Have we are respectful and honouring of tradition and timeless beauty and stand by the lessons they have and continue to give us, but we also have the courage to learn to incorporate new aesthetics well. Our manufacturing and design skills are recognised as some of the best in Australasia and this month we represented Australia in the International Jewellery Design Awards in Hong Kong. We have a team of wonderful suppliers including stone merchants who can source stones for you from all around the world – think camel riding, sand covered Sean Penn carrying a leather pouch full of precious gemstones… sorry did I already mention Sean Penn.

Shiree and I invite you for a free jewellery design consultation and we offer repair and restoration advice or quotes in store anytime. We always strive to have a unique collection of jewellery available for all of your special occasions or ‘just because’. Come visit us at To Hold & To Have, 98 King Street, Buderim, 4556  Ph: 5477 0561.
Jo Saxelby Balisky

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