Happy International Women’s Day

I photographed this candid image Friday at my niece “Holly’s” wedding. The two flower girls were playing together, singing songs and playing Ring-a-Rosie. It was a sweet moment in time to photograph but also to witness and to savour as a perfect life moment.

Amongst all that is going on in the world Isabella and I have been more intentionally aware to consciously enjoy “perfect life moments” and to create space, time and intent for them to occur. Sometimes they happen serendipitously, sometimes we need to put in place plans and time to create and enjoy such moments.

Happy International Women’s Day

Today on International Women’s Day the image from Friday and the example set by two girls so young seems like a good reminder to savour life and all of its treasures, blessings and beautiful moments.

This is not gender specific but on this day celebrating the kinship of all the fabulous women around us, in our hearts and spheres of living, taking time to acknowledge these relationships with gratefulness and as anchors of bedrock for peace, happiness and hope seems so important and such a blessing.

“Happy International Women’s Day” Jo & Isabella xx

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