The following words were gifted to us yesterday by one of our gorgeous, gorgeous ladies. They are very precious words as you will read, shared from the depths of her heart, revealing how precious her Diamond ring is. A ring that we were grateful to be asked of design and create for her and her husband.

These words are shared with you all from a very kind, courageous and giving heart. One that loved her little boy “Patrick” who we were honoured to honour – alongside of her precious family. There is a little angel gift from Patrick’s family that sits above one of our cabinets in store to this day. Our reminder of beautiful Patrick, the love of family and the importance of your words when you say “can you make me a piece of jewellery please”. You never ask for that lightly and we never take it lightly. Jo

“The kindness, care and compassion shown by the TH & TH Team is something that my husband and I will hold incredibly close to our hearts for the rest of our lives. In 2014 we had our sleeping angel. I felt so lost and disconnected, and was unsure on what to do with his little ashes but knew we wanted a memorial ring. It then became a struggle to find someone or a process we trusted. In 2017 we found the “To Hold & To Have” Team who showed us an incredible amount of heartfelt care in creating a ring that, to a stranger, would look like a beautiful ring, but to us held something so precious. They went above and beyond in every possible way from the design to letting us put the ashes under the diamond in store.

It’s actually difficult to accurately put into words just how special they are. The “To Hold & To Have” Team bought me a sense of calm and feeling of ongoing bond with our bubba that I will be eternally grateful for x B”

Rose Cut Diamond Filigree Halo Design Ring – With sealed urn below the diamond.

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