❤️’s in it.

One of the things I love about working in and owning a jewellery store is being invited to share and interact in people’s lives. It is such a privilege. I remember a week when an “all in” Mother from Brisbane drove to our store twice in the one week to choose the perfect earrings for her daughter’s semi-formal. (As a Mum to a teenager- I know these weeks) That same week a young man came in to buy his “Mother in Law To Be” a birthday gift very very thoughtfully!!! And an older gentleman came in on his way to buy a coffee and stopped to purchase one of our handmade, hand stamped sterling silver guitar picks. The words on this particular guitar pick read “Every professional began their career as an amateur”. I love my days and everything about “To Hold & To Have” No two days are the same but they are all significant and of much worth.

Today we are excited to be upgrading our rolling mills in the workshop to a larger set for our talented jewellers to have fun with. Craig who is delivering the much anticipated lovely, exceedingly heavy, beautiful piece of metal,(can you tell we are excited)  is the brother in law of one of my longest and dearest friends who lost her battle to breast cancer a couple of years ago now and who is much missed (and who’s photo hangs beside my desk).

Living & doing business in my hometown is such a blessing. Belng able to work alongside and with so many lifetime friends and maintaining relationships and continually adding new ones as we welcome new friends through our door and into our lives is something I am very grateful for. If you are already one of our friends “thank you” if you are an unmet friend – come on in – we’d love to meet you, serve, design & create for you. Jo x

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